JY Partners Solicitors pride ourselves in providing high-quality legal advice and service to our clients.

We advise individuals, families, and businesses on every aspect of the law, wherever the need arises. From our office in the heart of London, we work with many trusted professionals in the UK and around the world to deliver a seamless legal service to our clients. Our clients value our in-depth knowledge and expertise, technical excellence, and dedication to them. We gain our clients’ trust, always strive to do justice, and aim for the best results.

Our Ethics


We build lasting relationships with our clients and other professionals based on trust and confidentiality, and we promote transparency in our fees and finance administration.


We strive to give the best service to our clients. We are competent at what we are doing, and we do not act where we cannot provide an excellent service to our clients.


We promote partnership and teamwork both with our clients and our people. We are committed to fostering diversity and inclusion in relation to our people, clients, and the community. 

Our Commitment to Communities

We take seriously our responsibilities for our staff, our environment, and the communities in which we live and work.

Our corporate responsibility is integral to the welfare and ethos of the firm, making it a place we all wish to work for and represent. To achieve this, every member of professional and staff is encouraged to get involved in projects that have a positive impact for the benefit of charities in our local community and in their own.

pro bono work

We will provide free legal advice on a regular basis to public who are elderly and/or disadvantaged.


We will host and participate in charitable activities, for example, fundraising by London Legal Walk, donating food boxes to shelters, and volunteering at a number of charity shops and local food banks.


We will support local schools and colleges through organising a career fair and providing a vacation scheme to students, so that students interested in the law industry can get to know more about the legal profession and experience the practice of law.

OUR Environment

We take environmental issues seriously such as deforestation, air & water pollution, global warming, and natural resource depletion, to name but a few. We will actively take steps to reduce our environmental footprint. We are also committed to continuous improvement in environmental, social and economic performance.

Our Services

Immigration for Individuals

With the importance of global mobility, immigration has become one of the hurdles for individuals and families to overcome for a smooth relocation into the UK. This is compounded by the UK’s ever-changing legal framework around immigration. We strive to facilitate a smooth and stress-free immigration process for our clients.

Wills & Succession Planning

We help our clients prepare wills, structure succession, and plan for the tax issues which might impact on their decisions. Formality of wills are very important. We provide our clients with certainty and assurance for their families, their businesses, and their assets with our in-depth knowledge and expertise in this area of law.

Probate & Estate Administration

Probate is a legal right to deal with someone’s estate on their death, whether under their will or under the intestacy (without will). We offer our clients which include executors, beneficiaries, and or heirs extensive technical expertise, together with a sympathetic understanding of the practical issues and family tensions which can arise in those difficult time.

Dealing with Mental Incapacity

With an increasing life expectancy, we increasingly see the real issues which can arise in terms of the impaired capacity of family members, executors, trustees, and or business directors/partners. We are experts in dealing with such capacity issues in the Court of Protection including application for statutory wills, deputyship, and the lasting power of attorney.

Employment Law

Our employment lawyers offer judgment-based practical solutions. We are committed to giving you advice that is to the point, allows you to make decisions confidently, and is sensitive to your specific and wider needs. We act for both employers and individuals, which allows us to advise you with a broader perspective.

Residential Conveyancing

Whether you want to buy or sell a home, let a house, or manage property equity, you need the services of professionals who will always prioritise your interests.

Our experienced residential property solicitors and conveyancers will ensure that you stay informed and consulted throughout the process, and always act decisively to make sure your transaction concludes swiftly.

We take great pride in our excellent technical knowledge, proactive approach to problem-solving and clear communication. By working closely with you, our conveyancing team can detect and prevent issues at the earliest stages, avoiding unnecessary complications.

Immigration for Businesses

Our experienced immigration solicitors work directly with small and medium businesses in the UK and overseas as well as multinational companies to ensure that their immigration requirements are met. Whether you wish to recruit a foreign worker, establish a UK branch of an overseas company or effect an intra-company transfer, our immigration solicitors can assist.

Trusts & Lifetime Gifts

Trusts can provide flexible solutions for a wide range of wealth planning and for family or business requirements. Trusts can be used to hold all types of assets including investments, land, quoted and unquoted shares, trading businesses and intellectual property. Our experienced solicitors in this area of law will guide you through your options for the best possible wealth planning.

Contentious Probate

Wills and estate disputes are detrimental to family harmony and personal privacy. For these reasons they require careful and sensitive handling to ensure that the situation does not escalate and costs are contained. We can assist in all types of wills, trusts, and estate disputes.

Family Law

We provide our clients comprehensive family law advice in relation to drafting pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreement, separation agreement, divorce & dissolution of a civil partnership, financial settments in divorce/un-married couples, children and domestic abuse issues. Our family law solicitors provide our clients with a practical but sympathetic approach. 

Tax Risks & Planning

In partnership with our external tax specialists, we offer our clients comprehensive tax advice including but not limited to Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Stamp Duty Land Tax, Corporation Tax, Business and Agricultural Relief, Private Residence Relief, Disposable Transfer, Potential Exempt Transfer and its 7-Year Rule, etc.

Commercial Conveyancing

Whether you’re negotiating a business lease or developing a substantial commercial property portfolio, high-quality market-savvy legal advice is essential.

Our specialist solicitors are experts in managing the wide range of legal challenges that can arise when financing, owning, leasing, managing or selling commercial property, and can support you at any stage.

We deliver expert guidance which is tailored to your needs, but which is always commercially-grounded and based on an in-depth understanding of the property market in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and across South East England, including London.

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