For Individuals and Businesses

With the importance of global mobility, immigration has become one of the hurdles for individuals, families, or businesses to overcome for a smooth relocation into the UK. This is compounded by the UK’s ever-changing legal framework around immigration. We strive to facilitate a smooth and stress-free immigration process for our clients.


Our immigration solicitors offer our clients an overview of the most suitable immigration routes available to them. We provide strategic immigration advice to individuals looking to enter or remain in the UK for work, study, or family reasons. This includes applications for investor visas, spouse visas, student visas for their children, and visas for relatives either wishing to visit or permanently settle in the UK.


Whether our business clients wish to recruit a foreign worker, establish a UK branch of their company, or effect an intra-company transfer, our immigration lawyers work directly with businesses in the UK and overseas.


Our immigration solicitors can provide the following services:

    • Entry Clearance Appeal
    • EU Family Permit Appeal
    • EC Review
    • Administrative Review