Probate &

Estate Administration

Probate is the legal right to deal with someone’s estate (e.g., property, money, and possessions) on their death, whether under their will or under the intestacy. As experienced probate lawyers, we offer our clients (whomever they are executors, beneficiaries, and or heirs) extensive technical expertise together with a sympathetic understanding of the practical issues and family tensions which can arise in those difficult time. We provide strategic and tailored advice to achieve tax efficient succession for both UK domiciled and non-domiciled individuals.

Our private client solicitors have vast experience in administering:

    • Both testate and intestate estates
    • Both taxable and non-taxable estates
    • Estates with business assets
    • Estates with agricultural assets
    • Estates with overseas assets

Our service includes preparation of:

    • Making an Estate Account (i.e., a List of Estate Assets/Liabilities)
    • Inheritance Tax filing to HMRC
    • Application for a Grant of Probate or a Letters of Administration
    • Gazette Notice
    • Distribution to Beneficiaries