Trusts & Lifetime Gifts

Trusts can provide flexible solutions for a wide range of wealth planning and family or business requirements. Trusts can be used to hold all types of assets including investments, land, quoted and unquoted shares, trading businesses and intellectual property. As experienced trust lawyers, we advise our clients on all aspects of trust law including the creation, use and variation of trusts for all types of clients. We also work closely with many trustees, advising on powers and duties of trustees, helping beneficiaries to understand their position, and the tax planning issues which arise. 

We help our clients make lifetime gifts and set up the following trusts:


  • Deed of Gift
  • Deed of Trust for Co-Owned Property
  • Deed of Assignment of Beneficial Interest
  • Severance of Joint Tenancy & Deed of Assignment of Beneficial Interest


  • Spousal Bypass Trusts
  • Personal Injury Compensation Trusts
  • Pilot Trusts
  • Disabled Persons Trusts
  • Employee Benefit Trusts (EBT)
  • Registering a Trust as your agent
  • Family Assets Trusts & Trusts to Protect Property
  • Discretionary Trusts to Protect Assets (for a variety of reasons)
  • Trusts for Families with Children from Different Relationships
  • Trusts to Ensure Assets Pass Through the Bloodline Relatives Only
  • Trusts for Tax Planning Purposes
  • Charitable Trusts